The Coronavirus pandemic is clearly having a terrible impact across society, and sadly our club's activities are also affected, as described at JMCS news.

Mountaineering Scotland has a page containing up-to-date Coronavirus information .
See this page for detailed information about restrictions on our activities.

Weekend meets

Throughout the year the club has a programme of weekend meets (usually in climbing huts, although occasionally camping) on average once a month. Members wanting to book on a weekend meet should contact James Dalgarno.

Hut fees: please pay hut fees to the contact person, ideally on the meet itself, or else send them as soon as possible afterwards (make cheques payable to 'Edinburgh JMCS'). This will reduce the amount of time the contact person (usually James) has to spend collecting money.

Booking policy: see the meets booking policy for information on how long before a meet you may book, and also the club policy on cancellations.

Guests: a member may bring a non-member as a guest to at most two meets - see the meets booking policy.

2020 weekend meets

Date Venue Notes
31 Dec (2019) - 5 Jan The Cabin New Year meet (Tue-Sun)
8-9 Feb The Cabin
22-23 Feb The Cabin
29-1 Mar Waters Cottage, Kinlochleven FRCC's well appointed hut in Kinlochleven.
Glencoe, Mamores, Ice Factor
7-8 Mar The Cabin
21-22 Mar CIC Hut (and also Cabin)
4-5 Apr The Cabin
16-23 May Glanafon, Wales The JMCS London section's hut in Bethesda.
A week in North Wales (or just stay the Victoria Day long weekend).
Ogwen Valley, Gogarth, Holyhead
9 Aug Dunkeld Sunday day meet.
23 Aug Aberdour Sunday day meet. LW 12.17 climbing 9.00-3.00
5 Sep Kyloe Saturday day meet.

NB   for full-weekend meets, the dates in the above table are for the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend, but of course, unless otherwise stated, the venue will be booked for the Friday and Saturday nights.

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