The Coronavirus pandemic is clearly having a terrible impact across society, and sadly our club's activities are also affected, as described at JMCS news.

Mountaineering Scotland has a page containing up-to-date Coronavirus information .
See this page for detailed information about restrictions on our activities.

Midweek meets

Throughout the year the club has an 'official' club night on Wednesday evenings.
Over the winter this is at a local climbing wall, usually EICA Ratho
Over the summer this is at a local (or not so local in midsummer) crag if the weather is amenable, or a local climbing wall if not.
A regular contingent of members also climb on a Monday evening.

Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to come along to either of these evenings, but it's worth getting in touch with the first to make sure that someone will be there!

Updates on climbing plans: We have an email list to coordinate plans on any given evening — the latest emails can be seen here. This should give an up-to-date idea of where we are likely to be.

Winter midweek meets

On Monday and Wednesday evenings we usually go to the EICA Ratho, or sometimes Alien Rock 1.

2020 summer midweek meets

Details of this year's midweek meets are listed below.

Date Venue Notes
12 Aug Benny Beg SS 20:57
19 Aug Traprain SS 20:38
26 Aug Rosyth Quarry SS 20:21
02 Sep Salisbury Crags SS 20:03